Price Sheet

Below are the 'basic' costs of each session I currently offer.



* 1-2 Hours
* Access to a wide range of maternity gowns
* Minimum of 12 Images
*Option to Purchase Additional Images*

In Home Lifestyle/ Fresh 48


*45-60 Mins
*In Clients Home
*Immediate Family Only
* All Inclusive (Everything of Quality)

Newborn Sessions

Mini-$250 ~ Full-$350

*Mini (Baby Only Wrapped)
1-2 hours/ 5 Images
2-3 hours/ 10 Images
*Family Add-On = $50
*Option to Purchase Additional Images*

Family Session

*Starting at $250

(Cost and Time Alotted Based on Size of Family)
*Usually 1-2 Hours
*All Inclusive (Meaning Everything of Quality)
*Not Held Responsible for Incorporative Family Members.

Q & A

How do you photograph families and kids?

I adore children, they are seriously my favourite people. I am that lady at an event or restaurant making faces at children, getting them to smile and laugh while I probably should be paying attention to my own group.

Babies and toddlers especially, I do 'family' photos because I want to help you capture every one of these precious memories. Children really do grow up too fast, and I think it's so important to remember them in these stages.

Parents also never get to be in a lot of these 'frozen moments', because they're normally behind the camera, especially moms. Those memories are for your kids to look back on too.

When will we get our photos?

Turn around time from day of the shoot until the link to your digitals appears in your inbox is normally 2-3 weeks. If you need them urgently for a special occasion, or as a gift, please discuss that with me as soon as possible, day of booking or at the shoot would be preferred.

If life decides to throw me a curveball, and puts me behind on editing (it happens with kids), I'll keep you updated as things progress.

How many pictures will we receive?

To be perfectly honest, it depends on how the session went. Each type of session has different options available, and will have a minimum amount of images.

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